Vegan Nutrition

Working together naturally with nutritionists, scientists, healthcare professionals and exceptional brands for your health, bringing premium nutraceuticals within synergistic formulations suitable for vegetarians, vegans and all. Products are pure, cruelty free, organic where ever possible and free from; binders, fillers, unnecessary additives and artificial colours.

Natural Beauty

Working together naturally with skin experts and exceptional brands to bring you premium products for optimal skin health. Skin is the largest organ in the body, so deserves to be nourished by the finest, natural ingredients that are; vegan and organic (where possible) plus free from; animal cruelty, parabens, SLS, phthalates, artificial colours, preservatives and additives.

Natural Living

Working together naturally with ecologically like minded brands and specialist affiliates, to bring you a range of natural products suitable for general health and wellbeing, the home or simply gifting.

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Tayberry Pharma Benefits

Customer happiness, natural health solutions and the planet are at the heart of everything we do. We are able to bring you the beautiful products we do, due to a culmination of like-minded partners with decades of specialist knowledge, synergistic networking and diverse, global; expertise, professional collaboration, academic research, education and training. 

Tayberry Pharma provides you with natural, everyday health solutions in; vegan nutrition, natural skincare, beauty and living products whilst also helping you care for our planet too. Nature truly delivers and we not only do all we can to respect our environment with greener business practices but also proactively bring as many natural, ethical, ‘free-from nasties’ products as possible, for you to confidently trust and enjoy, living by the same values as we do.

We passionately live and believe in the sustainable benefits of ‘working together naturally > for better health’ and wellbeing, as together, by tweaking our purchases in whatever we buy (more consciously), we can all make a positive difference to the future of our planet, by making more informed, ethical purchases. Let us delight you!

vegan nutrition
free from parabens
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What our customers say…


“My absolute favourite product would have to be the Symmetry Anti-Ageing Facial Serum – I like to apply this product onto a freshly cleansed face. A little really goes a long way with this product, I use just two drops and warm it between my hands before applying it to my face and neck.

It truly feels like a mini spa-experience at home. Not only do I love the way it makes my skin feel, but the notes of jasmine, rose, bay laurel and rose geranium I find are very soothing, especially before bedtime! I love how natural the ingredients are and I feel like I am giving my skin a real treat.”

Symmetry Anti-Ageing Facial Serum

“If you’re still using disposable cotton pads you should be swapping them out for an eco-friendly alternative right now!
I’ve been using these reusable bamboo cotton pads for 6+ months and loving them. Affordable, larger, and softer than other brands I’ve tried and come in cute bamboo pot with lid, that looks perfect in my bathroom.”

Bamboo Cotton-Reusable Cleansing Pad Set

“Hand cream bars – a lovely way to apply hand cream, with natural essential oils and more, that help to moisturise hands very well. I recommend these products to all who are looking for quality, natural skincare products.

Luxury No1 – Hand Cream Bar


“Love the vitamins and support received. I particularly love the fact that they were all organic with no nasties included plus order was beautifully packaged and delivered promptly. It is great that your company is helping others along the natural route.”

Nutrition & Vitamins

“Since starting to take Microflora complex I have felt far less bloated and generally more comfortable. Having suffered with digestive issues for the last few years it has been a welcome relief.”

Microflora Complex with FOS & More


Can’t recommend this enough! Looks amazing and smells even better. The wooden wick crackles nicely too. That’s me converted from buying normal candles!

Clove & Dark Sandal Soy – wood wick candle