Everyday aromatherapy for mind, body and soul.

Aromatherapy, classed as a pseudoscience is based on the use of natural, aromatic compounds found in the pure plant and flower essential oils or essences, either inhaled or applied topically (neat or diluted) with appropriate carrier oils for massage. Aromatherapy has been an alternative medicine used for centuries, to enhance physical, mental, emotional and a general sense of wellbeing and the term ‘aromatherapy’ was first used in the 19th century in France by a biochemist and perfumer, who reported how he used essential oils to treat diseases. Gorgeous aromas from nature don’t just smell amazing but really do have the power to positively impact the mind, body and soul.

The benefits of INHALING essential oils

As we inhale essential oils, aromas are carried by olfactory nerve cells inside the nose to the wider olfactory system which transmits the scent to the brain, via the limbic system. The limbic system is also where higher order processing takes place (compared to the reptilian system that is designed by nature to focus on survival and takes over when we are stressed or in danger, which can block out the limbic system working properly, until all is calm and safe, allowing the body to re-access it’s higher order, rational reasoning capacity).

The limbic system is where emotions and behaviours are processed. The impact of inhaling oils can have an immediate effect i.e., you may become more alert, more relaxed, feel excited or aroused, feel any negative emotions and/or muscle tensions diminish. Scientifically, essential oil aromatics can also boost a low mood, as they trigger the release of feel-good neurotransmitters (serotonin and endorphins) in the brain. The human sense of smell is ten thousand times more powerful than any of our other senses and processing aromas is immediate. Smells have strong connections to our subconscious and collective unconscious mind, where memories are stored. Other senses such as touch and taste are communicated to the brain, via the spinal cord in the central nervous system.

Nourish the mind, body and soul with some everyday aromatherapy solutions for you, your family, home and functional gifting:

For mixing with water for bathing, cleaning, atomisers, beauty uses, oil burners or simply loading onto aromatherapy necklace pads to enjoy the benefits with you:

Organic Lavender Essential Oil – Relaxing, calmative, soothing for sleeping and reducing stress.

Organic Lemon Essential Oil – Fresh, citrus, uplifting, cleansing and stimulating.

Organic Bergamot Essential Oil – Fresh, floral, uplifting, cleansing and stimulating.

Organic Orange Essential Oil – Fresh, citrus, uplifting, cleansing and stimulating.

Tree of Life Aromatherapy diffuser necklace – simply pick a coloured felt pad to match your outfit, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and pop it into the necklace enclosure. Close and as you wear the necklace, the essential oil aromas will fill your space with joy and stylish functionality.

Enchanted Glowing Lavender soy candle – beautiful square shaped candle with real lavender flowers in outer wax layer.

Clove and Dark Sandal soy candle beautiful large rectangular candle, double wood wicked. Fragrance is soft, warming and very comforting.

Purple fig & Cassis soy wood wick candle – Fragrance is soft, uplifting and delicately sweet (not too much, just right), very balanced and also comforting.

UNISEX Marine Cologne Spray 100ml – A fresh, uplifting aftershave like, multipurpose natural essential oil rich fragrance for; you after showering, to freshen and uplift you when weary, as a hand sanitiser, the house, laundry spray or office. This expertly blended fusion of Lemon and Marine top notes, with Oak Moss and Cedarwood base produces a fresh, clean cologne that will simply make you smile and put you in a happy mood whenever you use it!

UNISEX Summer Sky Cologne Spray 100ml – As above but Summer Sky is a slightly more warming, powdery fresh scent. The expertly blended fusion of Citrus and Orange top notes, with Ylang-Ylang and Lavender as a base plus finishing touches of soft, warm Vanilla and Cedarwood produces a fresh, delicately warm cologne that will simply make you smile whenever you use it.


The benefits of APPLYING essential oils topically to the skin

Essential oils are naturally packed with beneficial antioxidants that minimise the impact of free radical damage within cells. Free radicals (which are single, unpaired electrons) cause oxidative damage which happens in most bodily processes from skin damage, aging, cross linkage in wrinkles, DNA damage within cells, cancers, heart disease and even premature death. The aim of antioxidants is to get all the single electrons (free radicals) back into stable, non-damaging electron pairs, to help reduce bodily damage and disease.

Applying essential oils directly onto the skin, the largest organ in the human body (in natural creams, oils, massage blends or neat) allows them to be absorbed deep into the dermal layers. Essential oils then combine with body fats and fluids, where they enter the circulatory system to deliver their antioxidants and properties.

Tayberry Naturals Whipped Body Butter (Lavender, Rose and Geranium essential oils) with therapeutic properties for moisturising and massaging into aching joints, skin and lifting mood.

St Clements Whipped Body Butter (Orange and lemon essential oils) delivers skin moisture with citrus aromas, boosts mood and can also be used as a general body massage butter.

Joints Ease – Soybean massage candle – (Rosemary, Ginger, Geranium and Clove Leaf essential oils) simply light candle, melt a pool of essential oil infused wax, cool for a few seconds then pour onto skin and massage warm oil into aching joints.

Relaxing – Soybean massage candle – (Lavender, Fennel and Peppermint essential oils) simply light candle, melt a pool of essential oil infused wax, cool for a few seconds then pour onto skin and massage into skin to help relax and ease stress.

Skin Toning and Firming – Soybean massage candle – (Sweet Orange, Fennel, Geranium and Clary Sage essential oils) simply light candle, melt a pool of essential oil infused wax, cool for a few seconds then pour onto skin and massage into target areas of skin.

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