Washing with nature’s wonderful ingredients is not only a healthier way to care for our hands but also the earth, giving you the peace of mind when shopping with Tayberry, that all products are free from nasties (that can potentially irritate skin or flush harmful organic chemicals into the environment, that may impact natural ecosystems).

Now we are all ‘out-out’ again, remember to keep washing those hands, especially after shopping, school or socialising, as it really can offer a great level of protection against Covid-19 virus and other microbes. Soapy water can kill the Covid-19 virus and here is how :-

Soap molecules normally have a hydrophobic (water hating) tail part and a hydrophilic (water loving) head part.  Coronavirus is surrounded in a bi-phospholipid layer, similar in structure to soap molecules with water hating tails facing in and water loving heads facing outwards. When soap is mixed with water as we wash our hands, the tails (water hating) of the soap molecules start to seek areas without water and as this happens, they begin to surround the corona virus particles. The soap tails then ‘wedge’ themselves into the virus’s outer layer trying to get into the middle part where there is no water (a bit like popping a balloon with a pin).

As soap molecules react with the virus coat, they literally split it apart, breaking open the virus case, releasing all its contents into the surrounding soapy water, which if you wash hands for long enough (at least 20 seconds), eventually carries and washes them away. Alcohol based hand-gels and sanitisers are not as good as soap but are a good alternative when soap and water are unavailable, especially when travelling.

(Reference: Dr Corbett – How soap kills the COVID-19 virus – Queen’s University Belfast).

Luxury No.1 Soap Bar in a cotton drawstring bag is a beautifully hand crafted, artisan, essential oil rich, cold processed luxury soap, made with natural ingredients that cleanse with multi-functional properties and penetrate deep into the skin.

  • French Provencal Lavender – anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, reducing inflammation and skin irritation.
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil – also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.
  • Lime Oil – contains natural antioxidants helping prevent free radical skin damage.
  • Geranium – balances skin’s natural oil production, soothes and minimises scars.
  • Frankincense (Boswellia), Clove Oil and Myrrh are all excellent anti-inflammatories too.

Lux No.1 Soap bar provides every day, luxurious, dense cleansing foam, with a devine aroma and leaves hands and body feeling naturally moisturised after use.

Sustainable wooden soap dishes are an ideal way to keep soap out of pools of water (and keep them lasting longer).

For an added touch of luxury and when deeper moisture for the hands is needed, use the natural soap partner, the Lux No.1 Hand Cream Bar after washing, to intensify and layer the same natural essential oil aromas. This will also continue treating hands more intensely with added levels of hydration and all-round care necessary for extremely dry, inflamed, chapped or sore hands. Ideal if you wash your hands many times a day plus very convenient to take hand cream anywhere you go, in its convenient, biodegradable inner bag and navy-blue tin. If you have never tried a hand cream bar, you have not lived, it’s a game changer !

Queen Bee – Hand Cream bar offers a different essential oil mixture that is more citrus, with Sweet Orange, Lemongrass and Lime, yet still as moisturising. These make excellent gifts too!

When water and soap are unavailable to wash hands, simply sanitise them with two beautifully fresh alcohol based, essential oil sanitisers, in glass bottles with metal spray tops and cardboard box (all recyclable). These lovely sanitisers can also be used as a cologne body spray, freshening pick me up, room freshener or fragrant ironing spray:

Hand Sanitiser – Marine – Natural Cologne 100ml.  If you love a fresh, uplifting natural aftershave like aroma, then this essential oil ‘Marine’ blend will not disappoint and warning, it may attract more than you bargained for, as is really does smell devine! A Tayberry favourite and also an excellent gift idea.

Hand Sanitiser – Summer Sky – Natural Cologne 100ml.  If you like a more subtle, softer, powdery fresh fragrance, then ‘Summer Sky’ is the one for you.

Take full advantage of nature’s wonders to keep your family’s hands protected, moisturised and clean (or simply for ethical gifting with some natural love).

If you need a chat with the Tayberry team about any of our products (as in an independent Health Food Store, as ‘Health Food Institute’ trained for retailing health food supplements and products, to provide you with appropriate answers to questions).

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