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Tayberry provides reputably sourced information and experience for its guides (and articles), with all materials intended for generic health only (not for diagnosis or treatment of any particular health condition/s).

If you need a chat with the Tayberry experts about any of our products (just like you would in any independent Health Food Store, staff are ‘Health Food Institute’ Trained for retailing health food supplements and products) to provide you with a reliable and knowledgeable ‘port of call’ for all your questions, that other websites may not be able to provide.

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NB. As always, if specific support is required in selecting the right nutritional supplements for you around any existing health condition/s and or prescribed medication/s, please also compliment what we can do by working with your local pharmacist, qualified nutritionist, medical or health care professional to discuss and derive the best personalised plan for you.

If there is a specific topic of general health you wish to learn more about, please let us know, so we can work with our specialists to write a suitable article. If it will benefit you, it may also help others too, so all reasonable requests will be considered (if ethically permitted), to further develop the Tayberry range of information we are able to share. Tayberry are passionate about quality research in their key fields of; innovative vegan nutrition, science, health, natural skincare, beauty and healthy living, so will share any important academic findings they discover (or deem appropriate), so you can confidently make the very best choices for you and your family’s health.

Please enjoy our guides and articles in; vegan nutrition, natural beauty and living, to help you and yours live well. Working together naturally > for better health.


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