Summer is here, whether you work or play outside, on staycation, vacation, camping or glamping, even on the dullest of sunny days, it is still advisable to make an effort to protect your skin inside and out.

Do you know your ABCs? Ultraviolet light in the Electromagnetic spectrum is made up of three waves, UV A,B,C and these waves increase in photon energy, as the wavelength decreases from UVA towards UVC, the riskiest type of UV energy of the three for skincare in the sun.

UVA rays are Absorbed by the skin        UVB rays can Burn the skin

UVC rays can damage skin enough to cause skin Cancer


Internal skin protection and healing

Boost internal protection the clever way with Bioactiv Skin Vegcaps are an innovative supplement complex of organic, natural ingredients designed to protect the skin from free radical damage and premature ageing with premium antioxidants plus support the skin’s natural collagen production. Organic Sicilian lemon is naturally rich in ferulic acid that is also used for antiaging and protection from the damaging effects of sunlight exposure.

A supplemental Antioxidant Nutrient complex is ideal if you want to protect skin further from UV damage, antiaging, reducing cross linkage in the skin (which causes wrinkles) and also excellent to take if you accidently do damage skin with sunburn and need a helping hand with healing skin.

If as an adult you suffer from prickly heat rash in the sun, reach for Organic Skullcap Tincture as one of nature’s antihistamines to help reduce skin irritation with some topical aloe vera gel (keep both in the fridge once opened for cooling effects and maximum freshness). Organic Skullcap is not suitable for children as it is a tincture.

Vitamin D, also named the sunshine vitamin is also really important to take not only for boosting mood and immunity during the darkest winter months but also vitamin D helps to lift the melanin deep in the skin towards the surface before natural tanning can take place.

This has the positive effects of not only increasing skin protection from within (as the UV rays do not need to travel as deeply and potentially damage skin) but also means healthy tanning can be achieved more quickly and naturally. Vitamin D3 for children is available for your twinklies (4-12yrs) as 400ius and Vitamin D3 with K2 for adults is ideal, as the presence of exactly the recommended, balanced ratio of D3:K2 (2000iu:100ug) is essential to help boost cardiovascular protection from atherosclerosis (furring of the arteries, as excess calcium mobilised by D3 is duly escorted out of the bloodstream after it has been used for bones and teeth etc..). We always take this combination and began as soon as we realised the science behind the important synergy of the two vitamins for optimal skin, bones, mood, immune and cardio protection.

Don’t forget your eyes, they also need protecting from the damaging effects of UV radiation! We can often neglect our eyes without realising, apart from wearing sunglasses when we remember to do so. In addition to wearing UV protective sunglasses, it is good practice to maintain optimum eye health and internal eye tissues with a potent trilogy of Bilberry, Lutein and Astaxanthin Complex, packed full of antioxidants and so much more! If your eyes are great, keep them that way and if you need to stop any further damage, routinely work or play outside, do a lot of reading (marking) or PC work, start taking this innovative complex today.

There are many natural solutions to protect yourself internally in addition to the conventional SPF cream and spray protection to minimise UVA, B and C radiation. Sun Protection Factor cofactors (i.e. the precursors to providing some natural SPF from the inside out) include antioxidants, in particular Vitamin A from a rich source of carotenoids (D.Salina), Astaxanthin and many more. Taking a regular food based antioxidant complex in addition to eating a wide variety of antioxidant rich carotenoids as coloured fruit and vegetables plus other selected products, as detailed above will give you a protective edge, against the sun’s effects.

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