The human immune system is complex and takes a lot to keep it healthy and functioning properly. Many people have auto-immune diseases that if boosted, can cause unwanted consequences and therefore need to take additional care but for the purposes of this blog, all references are aimed at those with immune systems that do not have any medical conditions.

Now more than ever, we need to focus on looking after ourselves, not just for selfish reasons but for everyone’s benefit too. The kindest thing we can all do is to take greater personal ownership of our own (and family’s) health, by proactively doing all we can to get and remain healthier, boost immunity and stay well, so indirectly we do not put additional pressures on our amazing NHS. We still need to keep our immune systems in tip top form, as we continue to avoid infections and transmission. As a nation we remain vigilant in following recommended advice, wearing face-masks in public spaces and maintaining social distancing in the final months of 2021 lockdown, as public participation increases within the vaccine programme.

In addition to a well-balanced, nourishing diet ensuring the foundations of nutrition are included (i.e. essential vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, essential fats in the right omega 3:6 ratio, pre and probiotics), it is good to get outside as often a possible too, for daily exercise and vitamin D (naturally synthesised deep within the skin when exposed to sunlight). Vitamin D reduces depression boosting mood and supports natural immunity too, in addition to many other important cellular and bodily functions.

Adults should consider taking Vitamin D3 with the correct ratio of Vitamin K2, to reduce any unwanted build up of excess mobilised calcium in the blood stream (once it has been used normally for cells, bones and teeth). Vitamin K2’s job is to direct excess calcium out of the blood, so it reduces the risk of calcium clumping onto existing arterial fats (or plagues) in the circulatory system, minimising the potential risk of furring of the arteries (atherosclerosis). Vitamin K2 is therefore cardioprotective and works synergistically with vitamin D3 for cardio vascular health. Most people have sufficient vitamin D2 levels but are generally more deficient in vitamin D3, so opt to supplement daily. Make sure your children have sufficient D3 too and supplement if necessary.

Do what you can to keep you and yours calm and happy too, as it is well known that being happy is is directly linked to the production of one of four happiness hormones; serotonin, dopamine, endorphin or oxytocin. Have you noticed that when you are a bit sad, stressed or down you pick up colds or flu more easily than when you are active, happy and healthy? Stay happy to keep ‘internal defences’ working as they should. Avoid mood hoovers, stressful people, situations and other potential threats that may shake or knock-off kilter your magic mojo!

Use daily ‘Hormesis’ techniques, to boost natural immunity inside and out! Hormesis (from the Greek word ‘Hormaein’, meaning to excite, stimulate or set into motion) is like stimulating the body either internally with specific phytonutrients and innovative blends for specific jobs (e.g. Immune Complex to stimulate the immune system into action or Bioactive Skin, that targets all cells in the body) or externally like regular aerobic exercise, breathing techniques, intermittent fasting or temperature exposure like taking a ‘hot and cold’ shower like the Nordics and many other cultures do, to boost natural endorphin releases and therefore boost bodily resilience and immunity too!

Shower as normal in warm-hot water, then near the end when you are all done and bubble or soap free, turn the shower onto cold for at least one minute, then switch back to hotter than before, finally finishing on as cold as you can personally tolerate. You will learn to love this and become comfortable with greater temperature differences if practiced every day plus it is truly exhilarating, indirectly boosting natural immunity the hormetic way.

There are many natural ways to support and boost immunity healthily every day, with just a few easy tweaks!

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