Bamboo Cotton – Reusable Cleansing Pad Set (12x Triple Layer) – Large


Tayberry brings the environmentally conscious of you, a quality, larger than normal, Reusable Bamboo Cotton Cleansing Pad Set for every day use. Adds a touch of luxury to anyone’s dressing table (or home) but also provides an eco-friendly, plastic free, reusable solution to facial cleansing.

Each sustainably boxed set contains; 1 x thick, quality embossed Bamboo storage pot with a deep, fitting lid, 12 x large, triple layered Bamboo Cotton Cleansing pads, 1x large Cotton drawstring mesh bag to contain pads in (then to use as a convenient wash bag for them to frequently wash, dry and naturally reuse).

Each Bamboo Cotton pad is 9.5cm in diameter, beautifully soft and larger than normal, so extremely useful as a mini flannel or large cotton pad equivalent, so there is something to actually ‘get hold of’ (as many comparable pads are often too small or thin).

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Each Tayberry Naturals Set Contains:1 x Large Bamboo Pot with Lid, 12x Large Reusable Bamboo Cotton Cleansing Pads (Triple-Layer) plus 1 x Cotton Drawstring Bag.

Tayberry's makeup remover pads are made from pure, bamboo cotton, a natural, skin friendly fabric. The larger than average, high quality bamboo cotton pads can be used again and again to cleanse, wash and remove makeup for a long time. This set consists of 12x Triple Layered Bamboo Cotton reusable pads with a 100% pure cotton mesh, drawstring bag to store them conveniently in the embossed wooden bamboo box with lid. The mesh bag can also be used periodically to pop all the used cleansing pads into, tie securely and then wash as normal in the washing machine, for a deeper clean (then simply dry each pad, re stack them into the Bamboo pot and reuse !)

Tayberry's large makeup removers are extremely convenient. Add them easily into your handbag, baby bag, beauty and or toiletries bag and take with you anywhere.

Tayberry's reusable facial pads are made from natural bamboo cotton fabric that is not harmful to the environment and will provide your skin with the natural touch it deserves plus each pad will maintain it's quality, even after numerous use and washes.

Tayberry's Bamboo Cotton Reusable Pad Set will not only add a touch of luxury to anyone's dressing table (or home) but provide an eco-friendly, plastic free solution to facial cleansing and storage, that is completely reusable for a long time.

Additional information

Weight 330 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 9 cm

12 x Reusable Cleansing / Make Up Pads (Bamboo & Cotton Triple-Layer) 1 x Bamboo container with lid. 1 x Cotton drawstring washbag to reuse.


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Cardboard Box Containing;
1 x Large, Embossed Wooden Bamboo Pot with Deep Lid (Diameter 12cm, Height 9cm).

12 x Large, Triple Layer Bamboo Cotton – Reusable Cleansing Pads with label (Each pad – 9.5cm in Diameter).
1 x Cotton Drawstring Wash Bag with cotton label – holding 12 x pads (Length 24cm, Width 13cm).

Directions for use

Remove Bamboo lid from pot and take out 1 x cleansing pad, that can be used facially, in many ways.

Uses :-
– Wet with warm water to gently wipe or clean the face (pure and gentle enough, even for use on baby’s skin).
– Apply facial cleanser and sweep over face to gently cleanse away make up and residual dirt.
– Apply eye make up remover, to gently cleanse and remove make up or residual dirt.
– Spray facial toners and tonics, to tone facial skin and repeat cleaning process of the pad as for cleanser.

– Convenient and Portable – ideal if on the move, travelling light, yet need all your facial generics with you to; refresh, clean, wash, cleanse, tone or wipe and do not wish to use conventional face wipes (of which most are still composed of 75%+ plastic, with the exception of a few companies, who are thankfully leading the way ecologically, by slowly removing it). These pads offer 100% ecologically friendly, plastic free face care for a long time, if you look after them well.

REUSABLE CLEANSING PADS – INSTRUCTIONS AFTER EACH USE, simply wash thoroughly with soap and warm water under the tap until water runs clear, squeeze out excess water and leave in a warm, dry place, ready to re-pot and re-use again.

REUSABLE CLEANSING PADS – INSTRUCTIONS LONG TERM CARE – periodically, pop all the used pads into the cotton mesh drawstring bag, tie securely and put through a cotton wash cycle in a washing machine (or deep clean with hand washing). Lay each pad flat, in a warm, dry spot, ready to re-pot and re-use again.