Immune Complex – (60 veg caps)


Nordiq’s organic botanical immunity support complex is a versatile combination of botanicals, such as olive leaf, elderberry and garlic. It may help you avoid catching colds as readily and reduce the duration of such if you are unlucky enough to have already caught one. Immunity complex also keeps the digestive system healthy too, an intrinsic part of natural immunity.

Use Immune Complex;
To boost natural immunity
During cold and flu season and when travelling.
To support the body when stressed or tired.
When recovering from colds, or infections.
To support the digestive system and balance gut flora, especially after finishing a course of antibiotics.

NB- If pregnant, lactating or taking prescribed medication, consult a physician before using this product.

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Nordiq's Organic Immune Complex is a useful complex to give your immune system a helping hand the natural way.
Organic Immune Complex is an antioxidant rich combination of the most important immunity boosting botanicals, that can also help balance the body's natural gut flora. All ingredients are certified organic and freeze-dried.

Nordiq use an opaque organic capsule to keep the content protected against oxidation. The natural colouring is from organic kidney bean and pumpkin.
Vitamin C a potent antioxidant contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Olive leaf, oregano, garlic and lingonberry are known to be effective against viruses and bacteria. In addition, they may protect the respiratory tracts. Elderberry, astragalus and oregon grape root may support immune defence functions. Chaga mushroom is rich an immunity supporting beta-glucans. Hormetic botanicals promote health and vitality through immune response stimulation.

Nordiq's Technical Director and formulator advocates; “An active lifestyle, stress, a poor diet and many other factors can have a negative impact on your immune function. Organic Immune Complex contains many traditional botanicals that provide immune support and seasonal protection. Additionally, it includes adaptogens that help limit stress”

Additional information

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 9.5 × 5 × 9.5 cm


1 x vegetarian capsule provides:

NORDIQ Hormetic blend 510 mg
Olive leaf (organic, freeze-dried) 150 mg
Elderberry fruit (organic, freeze-dried) 50 mg
Oregano leaf (organic, freeze-dried) 50 mg
Astragalus root (organic, freeze-dried) 50 mg
Garlic clove (organic, freeze-dried) 50 mg
Oregon grape root (organic, freeze-dried) 50 mg
Ginger root (organic, freeze-dried) 50 mg
Lingonberry fruit (organic, freeze-dried) 30 mg
Chaga mushroom (organic, freeze-dried) 30 mg
Vitamin C (natural source from elderberry and lingonberry) 14 mg
Organic vegetable cellulose capsule [natural colouring from organic kidney bean (P. vulgaris) and organic pumpkin (C. maxima)] 240 mg

No additives or fillers
No sugar, artificial sweeteners or flavours
Free from gluten, wheat, milk, soy and yeast
BPA-free and eco-friendly glass bottle
Each capsule can be easily opened and the contents mixed with cold foods or drinks

Download PDF of Hormesis Explained

Directions for use

1-3 capsules daily at mealtime. Avoid taking simultaneously with probiotics as it can weaken their potency.

Do not exceed the recommended intake.
Food supplements should not be used to substitute a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
If pregnant, lactating or taking prescribed medication, consult a physician before using this product.

Store in a cool and dry place out of reach of children.