Joint Complex – (60 veg caps)


Nordiq’s nourishing Joint complex for joints and connective tissue support is a synergistically blended with MSM and manganese combined with joint supportive botanicals such; as rosehip, turmeric, ginger and boswellia. Vitamin C an antioxidant also aids normal collagen formation in tissues, to allow the normal function of bones and cartilage.

Use Joint Complex to: Promote the well-being and health of your bones, muscles and joints, Support an active and sporty lifestyle or help if experiencing stiff or clicking joints.
NB- If pregnant, lactating or taking prescribed medication, consult a physician before using this product.

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Nordiq's Joint Complex is unique due to it's innovative joint support formulation, that synergistically supports the demands of active lifestyles young and old.
Rosehip phytonutrient dense, acts to reduce inflammation and can be beneficial to the health and well-being of joints. Vitamin C supports collagen production in your joints to keep them supple. Quercetin (a non-citrus botanical bioflavanoid) is an antioxidant-rich nutrient that helps reduce inflammation and may help ease joint pain. Bromelain, a potent enzyme found in pineapples also has a strong anti-inflammatory action, that may decrease joint inflammation and pain.

Manganese supports the synthesis of cartilage and collagen. MSM , a natural source of sulphur, is needed for the renewal of joint cartilage and connective tissues, especially if joints are damaged or need repairing. Turmeric, ginger and boswellia are also active botanicals that have long held traditions in dealing with reducing inflammation and pain with joint health. Hormetic botanicals promote health and vitality through immune response stimulation.

Nordiq's Technical Director and formulator advocates; "Regular exercise and sport can put wear and tear on your joints. Therefore, it was important to provide the essential building blocks for joint health and maintenance when developing Joint Complex. We also utilize organic botanicals that may help to regulate inflammation".

Additional information

Weight160 g
Dimensions9.5 × 5 × 9.5 cm


1 x vegetarian capsule provides:

NORDIQ Hormetic blend 390 mg
Rosehip (organic, freeze-dried) 100 mg
Turmeric root (organic, freeze-dried) 60 mg
Ginger root (organic, freeze-dried) 60 mg
Boswellia resin (organic, freeze-dried) 60 mg
Nettle leaf (organic, freeze-dried) 60 mg
Bilberry (organic, freeze-dried) 50 mg
Organic vegetable cellulose capsule 120 mg
MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) 50 mg
Quercetin (Dimorphandra mollis) 50 mg
Vitamin C (as magnesium ascorbate) 43 mg
Bromelain (1200 GDU/g from pineapple) 25 mg
Manganese (as chloride) 1 mg

No additives or fillers
No sugar, artificial sweeteners or flavours
Free from gluten, wheat, milk, soy and yeast
BPA-free and eco-friendly glass bottle
Each capsule can be easily opened and the contents mixed with cold foods or drinks

Download PDF of Hormesis Explained

Directions for use

1-3 capsules daily at mealtime.

Do not exceed the recommended intake.
Food supplements should not be used to substitute a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
If pregnant, lactating or taking prescribed medication, consult a physician before using this product.

Store in a cool and dry place out of reach of children.