Organic Skullcap Tincture – 100ml


Organic Skullcap is traditionally used in alternative medicine as a natural anti-histamine, to minimise allergic symptoms associated with the following; hay fever, pollen, grasses, pets, insect bites, dust, foods and prickly heat with sun exposure and other minor allergies.

This premium, biodynamic, organic liquid herbal tincture conveniently delivers the equivalent of 500mg of Skullcap per 1ml into warm water or juice.

NB. Always read directions before use.

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Organic Skullcap herb, (also commonly known as Scutellaria from the flowering plants in the mint family, Lamiaceae). The name refers to the plant's structure that resembles miniature 'medieval helmets' hence being called Skullcap or Scutella.

Skullcap is traditionally used in alternative medicine to minimise symptoms associated with the following :-
- Allergies (natural anti-histamine action for hay fever, pollen, grasses, pets, dust, foods and prickly heat with sun exposure)
- Inflammation (general)

In addition, try removing the culprit allergen/s and aim to consume foods that are naturally anti-inflammatory too (i.e. vegan organic omega oil plus foods containing natural anti-histamines, like quercetin (found in broccoli, red cherries and onions).

Fushi's biodynamic, organic tinctures are liquid herb extracts to be consumed internally and assimilated easily by the body. They are made by soaking organic herbs in water and alcohol from natural sugar cane. Fushi's tinctures are made using 1 part herb to 2 parts liquid with 25% alcohol. This produces a very high concentration tincture, that can deliver 500mg of organic herb per 1 ml. The natural alcohol, derived from sugar cane, ensures that this tincture is gluten free and certified organic. The general recommendation is 1-5ml up to three times daily, in warm water or juice.

NB. Always read directions before use.

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 13.5 × 4.5 × 13.5 cm


Scullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) alcohol, water, 1:[email protected]%, Certified Organic
1 ml of the tincture contains 500 mg of the herb.

Directions for use

Adults 18+
Recommended dosage is 1ml to 5ml tincture diluted in warm water or juice, up to three times a day.

1ml = 500mg of fresh, organic skullcap herb.


  • Not recommended for children.
  • Not recommended during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding (unless prescribed by a qualified, medical herbalist or GP).
  • Anyone experiencing any sign of or symptoms of anaphylaxis during ANY allergic reaction, cease use immediately and seek urgent medical assistance.
  • If taking any prescribed medicine/s, it is good practice to seek prior advice from a qualified herbal practitioner or your GP before use.