Magnifying Glass – Seahorse


A beautiful, high quality magnifying glass, with a sturdy nickel sea horse handle, that is not only functional to aid vision and reading (with 3x lens magnification) but also makes a very useful addition to any environment (home or office).

An additional visual friend to have around, when you cannot find your glasses or just need greater magnification.

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A high quality magnifying glass instrument, with a solid nickel metal sea horse handle, to aid vision and reading (with 3x lens magnification) that makes a very useful addition to any environment (home or office).

A perfect visual support to have around, when you simply cannot find your glasses, or just require greater magnification for anything you wish to see.

A few decades ago magnifying glasses were a necessary tool for reading those important documents, books, newspapers or even love letters. Now they make great functional decorations and gifts and remind us of a time when everything moved at a much slower and perhaps, a more enjoyable pace.

This magnifying glass provides 3x magnification and is made of nickel and glass.
Product Specification: Lens Diameter: 10cm with handle: 25cm

For easy cleaning: the lens unscrews from the metal handle, each part can be cleaned and then can be reassembled.

Additional information

Weight 480 g
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 29.5 cm

Glass and metal


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Glass and metal (nickel)

Directions for use

Simply hold the magnifying glass over whatever you wish to see or read (ideally in a good light) and looking through the lens at the object, move the lens back and forth until the image clarifies in your eyes.

Instrument care:
When cleaning, use a soft cloth and appropriate cleaning solution/s for glass and or metal.

To clean, gently unscrew the lens from the metal handle, each part can then be cleaned and it can be reassembled easily afterwards.

To protect your magnifying glass do not drop onto hard surfaces or press other hard objects or surfaces against it, other wise it may damage, scratch or even break. Treat the object as you would do other valuable ornaments and instruments in your life, so they can remain beautiful and in great working order for many years.