Keep your children (4-12 years) nutritionally protected and nourished as they spring back into school after the long Summer holidays, so they are able to give their best in the classroom for learning and also to help boost immunity naturally (as they all meet up again with friends and teachers to share their holiday stories plus any colds, flu etc.. !). Green Child is a pure, free from nasties, premium vegan range for children, expertly formulated by leading nutritionists to provide only the very best nutritional supplements for your children.

The foundations of nutrition, in essence, provide the body with a ‘general insurance policy’ for all round health; a premium quality Multivitamin and mineral complex, pre and probiotic complex and Organic Omega ( essential fatty acid blend (in a ratio of 2:1 Omega 3’s to 6’s). Taking this potent trio of vegan supplements daily, in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients found in fresh fruit, vegetables, essential fatty acids and high quality protein sources (going easy on food high in processed sugars and fats) plus ensuring good levels of sleep, will help children cope with the rigours of term time and optimise their learning potential.

For fussy eaters who simply refuse to eat the fresh stuff, we have a second best solution in the form of a super shake nutraceutical powder with berries and more, called sneaky greens that can easily be mixed into a shake, yoghurt, smoothie or other foods, to give you peace of mind that your children are getting everything they need nutritionally.

Vegan vitamin D3 for children is not only essential for supporting the growth of strong teeth and bones plus integral in multiple other bodily functions but it also helps boost immunity, not only recommended in the autumn and winter months for minimising impacts of colds and flu viruses but also to ‘chase away’ the winter blues (due to reduced levels of sunlight, helping to combat Seasonal Adjustment Disorder or SAD).

School maybe back from Summer but you and yours can be nutritionally ready to take on Autumn 2021.

If you need a chat with the Tayberry team about any of our products (just like you would in an independent Health Food Store), we are ‘Health Food Institute’ trained for retailing health food supplements and products, to provide you with suitable answers to your questions.

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