Stress and anxiety can present themselves in many different ways and with the added reality of Covid-19 pressures on top of existing everyday life, it is easy to see why we need to look after ourselves and loved ones in the best ways we can.

Nourishment for the central nervous system is essential and can be supplemented with a good Vitamin B with C complex. If the body is stressed (visibly or not) then more B and C vitamins are utilised by the body to maintain nerve tissues, to support the transmission of nerve signals and general nervous system health. B vitamins are naturally released from foods when it is digested and used for energy metabolism, so if stress causes you digestive upsets too, then taking a good Digestive Enzyme Complex after each main meal whilst experiencing stress will ensure the body has a ready supply of available B vitamins.

A more serious situation concerning stress and anxiety is when we become chronically stressed for relentless, long, protracted periods of time (and often may not realise it), as this can be very damaging, not only to the nervous system but also to the adrenal glands that sit just above the kidneys. The adrenal glands in the body do two main jobs; releasing adrenalin when we are stressed and releasing cortisol when the body is inflamed in any way. If our adrenal glands are overused during stress and chronic inflammatory conditions, then they can quickly become exhausted (adrenal exhaustion).

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) helps to reduce inflammation and so supports the adrenal glands and better taken in balance with the other B vitamins, as you would find naturally in a nutritionally balanced meal. Taking a single high dose of any one single B vitamin should not be done for any length of time, as you do not want to potentially deplete the body of any other important B vitamins by potentially doing so. Taking a B complex in supplement form, with synergistic vitamin C is a more nutritionally beneficial, healthier, longer-term action to follow as well as looking at ways to reduce or deal with the causatives of any stresses. Any B vitamins that are not utilised by the body will simply be excreted in the urine and not stored.

Adaptogenic herbs that have been shown to help the body adapt to and manage stress are also another natural way to help reduce unwanted symptoms. Adaptogenic herbs such as Organic Ashwagandha can be used in conjunction with a B and Vitamin C complex to enhance the calming, stress balancing effects.

Calmaid is a unique complex that has a blend of B vitamins, minerals, amino acids, adaptogenic herbal botanicals and extracts that work synergistically, to support the nervous system in times of physical or emotional stress and promote healthier sleep patterns.

Organic Lemon Balm is especially useful for someone who needs to calm down quickly prior to an exam, a meeting, public speaking, after some shocking news or a stressful day or any other known stressful meeting or situation. The lemon balm plant leaves are naturally rich in the amino acid L-theanine, which helps to reduce stress by inhibiting cortical neuron excitation in the brain.
L-theanine is effective at calming the mind without causing drowsiness and can help reduce symptoms of mild depression and anxiety plus a gentle remedy for sleep disturbances.

Magnesium mineral relaxes muscles and helps to reduce stress but is critically also involved in over 300 enzymatic actions in the body namely helping cells to produce energy from them. Magnesium bisglycinate is a superior, amino acid bonded magnesium that the body absorbs a much higher amount of the elemental value provided, compared to lesser (cheaper) inorganic preparations of magnesium like magnesium oxide. Magnesium can not only help maintain a healthy energy metabolism but is very useful at helping relieve stress headaches and relax muscles, to support sleep. Many people are low in energy and not only need B vitamins, but are also often magnesium deficient, as they do not get the recommended daily 300mg of absorbed magnesium in their diets and so need to supplement.

Night Complex is an advanced complex that provides magnesium bisglycinate with the organic botanicals; Montmorency cherry, hops, lime flower, kale leaf and the amino acid L-theanine that all synergistically work together to help induce relaxation and natural sleep.
Magnesium deficiency is known to result in agitation, anxiety, mood disorders, all of which can prevent quality sleep, so why this is in included in the complex.
Montmorency cherry is naturally rich in melatonin, essential for regulating the sleep-wake cycle and improving sleep efficiency due to its natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Lime flower has calming properties, helps relax and therefore reduce anxiety symptoms.
Kale Leaf rich in polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and magnesium, which help reduce stress and therefore relaxation.
Hops have a natural sedative property due to the bitter resins they contain which can inhibit an over stimulation of the nervous system, maybe why lots of people claim they ‘need a pint’ after stressful or busy times! Nature has given us hops but alcohol is a stimulant in beer, so if you want a restful sleep best to stick with the pure hops in Night Complex.
L-theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid is effective at calming the mind without causing drowsiness and can help reduce symptoms of mild depression and anxiety plus a gentle remedy for sleep problems.

Managing stress and anxiety with natural solutions is a healthy way to support the body, with the nutrients and minerals it needs for normal function (and a few beneficial botanicals) for your family’s natural medicine chest when ever they are needed.

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