Tayberry Naturals products are Tayberry Pharma Ltd’s very own brand and working together with natural, free from UK skin care experts and manufacturers. Packaging is recyclable and discussions are already underway to move some products into even better eco-alternatives on larger manufacturing batches.

February 2021 -Tayberry launches their own natural beauty skincare range

Products smell devine (all due to natural ingredients) and are free from; phthalates, SLS, artificial colours, artificial additives, artificial fragrance and parabens. Such chemicals can negatively affect the blood and hormones (endocrine system, which already has enough to do without us adding anything else for it to process).

Each Tayberry Naturals product has been tried and tested by Tayberry and our wider family for over eight months. The result is that we love them all and our small but perfectly formed range will allow you to look after your skin day and night (but we are also looking forward to adding more complimentary products to the range, as we continue to grow).

* Tayberry Naturals skincare products are CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) registered, for approved sale within the UK and Europe.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and looks most vibrant when the body is nourished both inside and out. Only when someone is in good health inside and out, do they generally look their best without any make up, which is often reflected in a clear, radiant complexion and good overall skin health. Twin this with natural skincare products like Tayberry Naturals and you are another step towards revealing your best, healthy skin.

Nutritional Beauty

“You are what you eat” and so for skin health, it is always advisable to eat the best, most nutrient dense, fresh foods possible. To increase your chances of getting more of the nutrients responsible for maintaining great skin health inside and out, you should aim to ‘eat a fresh, organic rainbow’ daily, rich in a wide spectrum of colours from a broad range of vegetables, fruits and high-quality proteins rich in; amino acids, cell protective and collagen boosting antioxidants, phytonutrients, proanthocyanins, plant phytoceramides, pre and probiotics, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Reduce consumption of refined sugars, processed and fried foods, late nights, alcohol and burning the candle at both ends!

Skin support from within

In addition to the foundations of nutrition to meet daily bodily needs (Multivitamin & Mineral complex, Essential Fatty Acid Complex containing a 2:1 ratio of Omega 3:6 for optimal health), pre & probiotics take a high-quality Beauty Complex will help nurture great skin health from the inside.

A beauty complex is in effect like a specialised ‘cake mix’ of natural vitamins and nutraceuticals to help maintain and build strong, healthy skin, hair and nail cells. Collagen is the natural cement that keeps skin firm, supple, young and healthy. Collagen production can also be stimulated internally (the vegan way, with such complexes), as opposed to consuming fish-based dietary sources of collagen, which many people still do. As we age, our collagen levels naturally decline in our skin, joints and throughout the whole body, so by looking after your body with the three foundations of nutrition (as mentioned above), twinned with a daily beauty complex and a natural skincare regimen, you will not only protect cells but also repair and help slow down the signs of ageing too!

Other antiaging factors to also consider adopting, to enhance any nutritional beauty plan:-

  • Exercise regularly – to boost circulation, detoxify and purify then skin inside and out.
  • Sleep – aim to get a min of 7-8 hours minimum a night, to heal and repair all cells in the body.
  • Stay hydrated – aim to drink a minimum of 2.5L of water a day. If you drink coffee or any other caffeinated drink, then you need to drink the same volume of water as it, to put back the water, as caffeine-rich drinks have a diuretic effect, which dehydrates the body, despite it being a drink. Water also helps the body remove metabolised fats, flushes toxins out of the body, improves mental concentration and much more. We are after all made up of 50-75% water, so need to hydrate for all of our cells to work.
  • Keep out of intense sunlight – little and often is key, so you manage to trigger the synthesis of some natural vitamin D within the skin but do not burn yourself by sunbathing for hours on end. Wait at least 10 mins in direct sun before applying any high factor SPF Creams or covering up with protective clothes.
  • Nutritional SPF – not only can you protect yourself with SPF creams but nutritionally you can protect the skin from the inside out too – with a nutritional combination that contains; antioxidants, especially Pro vitamin A (Beta Carotene as D. Salina), Astaxanthin, Pine Bark Extract or Grape Seed Extract containing at least 95% OPC’s and Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD).
  • SPF Creams – externally SPF creams can be used to block out specific ultraviolet rays (UV Absorb into the skin, UV Burn the skin as travel deeper into the layers, and UV Cancer are the rays that can damage DNA in cells as they penetrate the skin the most). Look for skincare labels to help you block out which UV A, B & C rays you need to, as creams vary in the level of skin protection they provide.

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